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The Michigan Technology Network (MITN) is a statewide organization driven to enhance the development of technology professionals through education and networking events with a focus on community involvement.  Our core pillars, which drive our organization and its goals, are Education, Networking, and Community.

Unified by our core mission and pillars, each chapter operates individually and has the freedom to drive their individual goals and events. The individual chapters are connected to each other through the statewide organization, which encourages collaboration, resource sharing, and opportunity creation.

Members join MITN by joining a local chapter. Once a chapter member, you may attend MITN events held by any chapter across Michigan. For more information, visit the website for the MITN Chapter located closed to you.

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We got this fortune after the e-Cycle event and thought it was very appropriate: “Generosity and perfection are your assets - and they show.” Who doesn’t like a good fortune... and how perfect to describe the contributions of our volunteers and sponsors! A big thank you to everyone for volunteering your time and effort yesterday at the 2015 MITN e-Cycle Event. Your generosity is much appreciated!  
Fortune: Generosity and perfection are your assets - and they show

Together as a team, we collected enough recycled electronics to fill an entire moving truck (and it took some coordination - we were getting nervous we wouldn’t be able to fit it all!). We collected a ton of CRTs in the first hour alone! It is so hard to find places that take CRTs (and properly recycle them), I’m sure we saved many of these from ending up in the trash. But more important than what or how much we collected, is the small impact we made in the community and for the individuals that dropped off electronics to be recycled. One woman, who dropped off two large TVs and a few other odds and ends with her husband, looked at me with bright eyes and a big smile and said, “Thank you so much! Now I finally have my basement back!” She was so happy, she was literally jumping for joy.  

CRTs collected in the first hour!
As for me, I was jumping for joy when I got to use the forklift to load the pallets of electronics into the truck. I had never used a forklift before and, as the saying goes, I guess “it’s the small things!” Luckily, there were plenty of fully loaded pallets to move into the truck, so others could share in the joy as well. :-)
Loading the truck!
I was just a volunteer for the night - big props go to the MITN Team who organized this great event and the sponsors that supported it. MITN Lansing who organized, planned, promoted, and ran the event. Devon Self Storage Lansing who provided the facility to make our “drive thru drop off” possible. Dart Container for helping us collect Polystyrene or “Styrofoam” this year. Two Men and a Truck for helping us transport the recycled electronics. Friedland Industries for helping to recycle the electronics. And last, but not least, ASK who has been our corporate partner every year to make this event happen - their knowledge, hard work, and generosity have been invaluable in pulling off the MITN e-Cycle events.
Thank you again for your support and volunteering your time! The fortune is true, “Generosity and perfection are your assets - and they show.”
- Jillian and the MITN Team